While Evil Dreams Itself Supreme

By Wayne Saalman

AS I WAKE IN THE DAWN, wake from powerful and mysterious visions in the night, dreams that speak to the existential wonder of being alive in such a fantastic world, a world of sheer beauty and wondrous abundance… I think how here is another incredible day to enjoy the fruits of this world. What could be better?

Then I check out the news shows and am forced to realize how terrible life is for so many.

By that, of course, I mean the less fortunate among us who are forced to endure the horrors of war. Those whose own neighbor has chosen to kill them, kill their mothers and fathers, kill their children. Destroy their homes and public buildings. For these unlucky souls there is no luxury of peace and quiet in the dawn. Instead, there are missiles being launched. There are countless explosive detonations. There are bombs blowing. There is rifle and machinegun fire. There is a neighbor seeking to obliterate anyone who resists their heinous invasion so that they might steal all that the less powerful among us have.

Yes, there are those who envy the superrich, the mega privileged and those believe that might makes right no matter what, but I am not one of them. I am happy enough to just appreciate all of the simple things I have; how I have plenty to eat and a roof over my head and money to pay for the essentials I need.

Sometimes I take a sleeping bag out into the beauty of a desert night or up onto the side of some rugged mountain to ponder the universe in all its splendor.

In those moments I am electrified and exhilarated just to be there scanning the cosmos in awe.

And it’s fine that I don’t have a Lamborghini, a jet, a yacht, a mansion with CCTV and armed guards to protect my sizeable assets.

My integrity is what matters most to me and so I refuse to steal what I have not earned, nor do I ever fantasize about subjugating my neighbor and taking whatever resources he or she happens to have so that I might enrich myself at their expense.

Such an act to me is unconscionable.

And so I can only wonder where is the conscience of those who would play God while acting with devilish resolve? How can such aggressors and thieves sleep in peace in the night? How can they dream themselves supreme and wake in the dawn feeling good about themselves when what they are doing is evil in the extreme?

Some human beings, unfortunately, are simply heartless.

Nevertheless, this is our reality, this is our world, this is what is still going on and it is as if we and all of humanity are still living the Dark Ages of yore, which seems unfathomable on the face of it, yet this is the raw truth before us.



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